Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures – Materials Matter

    When it comes to your plumbing, using the right materials is key. Many considerations must be made including water temperatures and pressurization. Our staff is skilled in matching customer needs with the appropriate equipment, and we can guide you through your options to ensure you enjoy durability expectations without breaking the bank. Epic Plumbing, LLC provides a variety of plumbing supplies and equipment including pipes and fixtures for homes and properties in Missouri.

    Whether you need brass pipes and fittings for water heater applications or galvanized steel for water supply lines and more, we have access to the materials necessary to ensure the right pipes and fixtures are applied. Just some of the many ways we can help include:

    • Leaks
    • Repairs
    • Drain cleaning
    • Clogs
    • Pipe burst
    • Corrosion

    Modern Plumbing Applications Make Life Easier

    Epic Plumbing, LLC provides a variety of plumbing supplies and equipment for homes and properties in Missouri.

    Technology is continually making daily life much more convenient. We often overlook the seemingly small plumbing equipment in our homes until something goes awry. EPIC Plumbing, LLC is here to offer a variety of solutions to any plumbing problems you may experience at home, from the seemingly innocuous to the catastrophic. We understand the pipes and fixtures within your plumbing system are foundational, but the amenities are what separates modern plumbing from its more primitive years.

    No matter what your plumbing emergency may be, our skilled plumbers are ready to find the solution. Epic Plumbing, LLC offers plumbing supplies and equipment to residences and businesses near the Pleasant Hill, MO area. Just some of the plumbing equipment we can help you with include:

    • Water heaters
    • Boilers
    • Garbage disposals
    • Sump pumps

    Keeping your home’s plumbing equipment functioning properly is one of the most critical responsibilities of a homeowner. It’s best to address problems as soon as possible, so call (816) 987-7129 or contact EPIC Plumbing, LLC online today.

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