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    EPIC Plumbing LLC offers professional plumbing services throughout the Raymore, Lee’s Summit, and Overland Park areas.

    At EPIC Plumbing, LLC, our certified technicians understand the urgency of a situation like a burst pipe. When you find yourself in need of an emergency plumber, call us at EPIC Plumbing, LLC for fast, professional, and effective plumbing solutions to get your plumbing back on track. We will come to your house or business at any time of the day or night.

    If left unattended, even seemingly small plumbing leaks can cause serious damage to your home. Allow us to be your chosen plumbing service provider and rest easy knowing that should you need us, our team of experienced professionals will be ready and equipped to respond to your plumbing emergency and prevent further damage.

    We offer emergency plumbing services, drain cleaning services, water line repairs, water heater repairs and more. Do not hesitate to call EPIC Plumbing, LLC at the very first sign of plumbing trouble, because we are proud to serve the Raymore, MO area when you need us most. We also do excavation. Need sewer repairs? We’ve got you covered!

    Residential Plumbing

    Leave the mess and stress to the professionals! Whether you are experiencing issues with low water pressure, no hot water or bursting pipes, or major installations, our experienced plumbers can handle it all. It is highly recommended that you have professionals handle plumbing issues for numerous safety issues.

    Drain Cleaning

    EPIC Plumbing LLC.’s drain cleaning service is a great way to keep your pipes flowing freely and prevent costly repairs down the line. Over time, drains can become clogged with hair, soap scum, and other debris, making it difficult for water to flow through. This can lead to backups, overflows, and even structural damage. Our professional drain cleaning service will remove all the build-up from your drains, leaving them clear and free-flowing. In addition, we can also inspect your pipes for any potential problems and make repairs as needed. As a result, a drain cleaning service is an important part of maintaining a healthy plumbing system.

    Hot Water Heater Repair and Installation

    A properly functioning hot water heater is essential for any home. Hot water is necessary for cooking, cleaning, and bathing, and a broken heater can cause a lot of inconveniences. Fortunately, EPIC Plumbing LLC offers hot water heater repair and installation services. Our plumbing company has experience dealing with all types of heaters, and we can usually get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a new hot water heater or just some repairs, EPIC Plumbing can help.

    Sump Pump Installation and Repair

    When your basement starts to flood, it’s time to call in the experts. At EPIC Plumbing, we have years of experience dealing with wet basements. We know how to quickly and efficiently install or repair sump pumps, ensuring that your basement stays dry all year round.

    Toilet Installation and Repair

    There’s nothing worse than a toilet that won’t flush. Unfortunately, toilet problems are one of the most common household repairs. If you’re in need of toilet repair or installation services, it’s important to choose a reputable company.

    Water Leak Repair

    Home water leaks can lead to serious damage if left unrepaired. They are often caused by faulty plumbing, worn-out pipes, or excessive water pressure. Leaks can also occur at joints and connections in your lines. Our water leak repair services can help to identify and fix the source of the leak before it leads to further damage. In many cases, a simple repair can be made to stop the leak. However, if the leak is large or has caused significant damage, it may be necessary to replace the entire section of the pipe.

    Commercial Plumbing

    Epic Plumbing has the experienced team you need to work on your commercial plumbing needs. We provide commercial plumbing services on waste removal systems, maintenance on sewers and drains, and much more. Our plumbers are trained and certified to handle the commercial issues that arise in larger buildings. We proudly serve Pleasant Hill and Raymore Missouri.

    Drain Cleaning

    If you have noticed that your tubs and sinks aren’t draining as fast as you’d like, there’s probably something clogging up the pipes. If you can’t solve the problem with store-bought drain cleaners, then it’s time to call on a professional drain cleaning service from EPIC Plumbing, LLC in Raymore, MO!

    We provide exceptional drain cleaning services at affordable prices. A chemical solution isn’t always enough, which is why we offer rooter services to get down to the cause of the problem. We have experienced and professional plumbers who can help you with your drain cleaning and drain repair. We also have sewer repair services as well!

    We’ll remove the blockages and have your drains working smoothly again. If you notice any difference in the speed of drainage, call us for a consultation. We are happy to help in any capacity. We also have excavation services.

    For all your plumbing needs, EPIC Plumbing, LLC is your solution. Our plumbing service won’t let you down!


    Before building any new home or commercial building, the site needs to be developed on sturdy, leveled terrain. It is a good practice to visit the site with a skilled excavating contractor for a ground leveling consultation and other excavation services.

    EPIC Plumbing, LLC offers excellent excavation services to help you start your new project in the most efficient way possible. Our skilled excavation contractors can assist you in making practical decisions prior to initiating the project.

    Whether the lot needs concrete removal, demolition service, or land clearing, we get your project started right. After your lot is prepared, our residential excavation service can begin the process of excavating for your builder while remaining with you until the final stages which include backfilling and final grading. For both residential and commercial lots, there is nothing that we can not handle.

    Emergency Plumbing Services

    With Epic Plumbing’s emergency services, you no longer have to wait to get plumbing help. Our professional team is ready at all times to handle any of your emergency plumbing needs. You can count on our team to be there for you when you need us the most. We provide services to Pleasant Hill and Raymore, Missouri.

    If you need sewer repairs or other plumbing services, we can assist you. We have great drain cleaning services that will leave your drains flowing smoothly. Whenever you are in need of a reliable plumber, give EPIC Plumbing, LLC a call!

    You can learn more about these and our other Missouri plumbing services by contacting EPIC Plumbing, LLC in Raymore, MO – (816) 987-7129

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