Commerical Plumbing

    Commercial Plumbing Vs. Residential Plumbing

    What is commercial plumbing and how is it different from residential plumbing, you may ask? Commercial plumbing is the plumbing services that deal with companies or big housing complexes, as opposed to residential plumbing that just handles your everyday household plumbing. Commercial plumbers have a wider variety of work since they are working in larger buildings and houses. Our commercial plumbers have many responsibilities to their jobs, from installation of waste removal systems and water supply to providing maintenance repairs on sewers and drains. If it involves plumbing or water supply, our team of professionals can handle it.

    Our Commercial Plumbers Are EPIC

    If you find that you are in need of emergency service or simply need an inspection, our team of professional commercial plumbers are the technicians for you! Epic Plumbing, LLC’s plumbers are certified in backflow, Better Business Bureau Osha 40 and they have their master plumbers license. We offer services in plumbing repairs and replacement, drain cleaning, home inspections, excavation and emergency, 24 hour service. When you have a plumbing emergency, trust our professionals to take care of all of your plumbing needs. We have prices that you simply cannot beat! To find out more about all of our commercial plumbing services, call 816-987-7129.

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