Drain Cleaning and Drain Repair to Unclog Your Drain

    Sometimes a clogged drain is too much for store-bought solutions. Epic Plumbing, LLC has drain services that will unclog your drain from hair, soap scum build-up, and whatever else may have been caught in the pipes.

    How do I know when it’s time for drain cleaning services?

    An obvious indicator that your pipes are in need of cleaning services is slow draining or foul-smelling sinks. However, there are other common indicators that might signify a larger problem. If you notice that flushing the toilet seems to cause a gurgling noise in your shower, a sewer line somewhere in your house might be clogged. Same as if you notice changes in water flow or water pressure or multiple drains throughout the house being slow to drain. Unfortunately, these problems won’t be solved with liquid drain cleaners. If you want to effectively unclog drains, the best solution is to call Epic Plumbing, LLC. Our experts will assess and diagnose the cause of your clogs and provide drain repair that will leave your system working like new.

    If you start to notice these signs of clogged drains, our certified plumbing contractors can service your Raymore or Pleasant Hill home! It’s not only our goal to return convenience and functionality to your home, but we also are committed to eliminating safety hazards and risks of more expensive repairs.

    What causes clogged drains?

    There could be a number of things causing your drains to clog. Accidents happen. Rings fall down sink drains, children flush things that should not be flushed and grease gets poured down the drain. For those times, when life happens and you need a professional plumber, Epic Plumbing has the right drainage solutions.

    Are household drainage cleaners safe to use?

    We don’t recommend anyone use household drainage cleaners. Most are lye-based that consist in variations of sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium nitrate, sodium chloride (salt), and aluminum. When you pour it down to unclog a drain, a lot of chemical reactions start going off. Although the lye ingredient is intended to decompose most organic material – such as the hair or grease that might be causing your clog – there are so many other chemical reactions going on that it’s really a lot more than drains are meant to handle. These products sit in the pipes, reacting over and over again until the clog dissolves. Toilet bowls have cracked, PVC pipes have softened and broken, old pipes are easily damaged, and the glue that holds some pipes together can be eaten away. You also don’t likely know with 100% certainty what is already down your clogged drain when you pour these chemicals – it could create much more violent reactions that could cause serious damage. So our advice is to avoid the potential hassle and danger, and just call us!

    Plumbing Services in Raymore and Pleasant Hill, Missouri

    The plumbers at Epic Plumbing, LLC are drain service experts, ensuring your drains, pipes, and plumbing are in proper working order, preventing further damage. Our services go beyond clearing and cleaning drains. Our drainage solutions include faucet repair, bathtub drain replacement, drain pipe repair and drain cleaning.

    Whether you need drain cleaning services in Raymore, MO or faucet repair in Pleasant Hill, MO, Epic Plumbing, LLC has the plumbing expertise, drainage solutions, and local reach to take care of your plumbing issues.

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