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    Excavation tasks can be complicated and dangerous, which is why it is best to leave sewer line repair, replacement, and installation jobs to professionals who have been properly trained on operating equipment, site preparation, and necessary precautions. Whether there is a break in a sewer line on your property or you need a sewer line installed on a new construction site, you can trust the plumbers and excavation contractors at Epic Plumbing, LLC. We provide excavation and sewage services throughout the Kansas City area, including Raymore, Pleasant Hill, and Lee’s Summit.

    How Do I Know When There’s An Issue with My Main Line?

    Every home has a main drain line, also known as a sewer line, that carries drain water to the sewer system or a septic tank. If this pipe becomes clogged, raw sewage can back up into the drains in your home—causing a health hazard that can leave rancid smells and expensive repairs. If you suspect a leak or clog in your main line, it’s important to stop using water to prevent raw sewage from accumulating in your basement or under the foundation.

    Signs of a Clogged or Broken Sewer Pipe:

    Here are a few signs that you might need sewer line repair:

    • Water or sewage backup
    • Sewer odor
    • Gurgling noises coming from drains and toilet

    What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

    Tree roots, soil expansion, corrosion, and clogs can cause damage to the sewer lines around your home and property. Unlike some indoor drain cleaning tasks, sewer line repairs must be performed by a certified plumbing professional.

    Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Services

    Whether it’s a clog or a crack that is causing your main sewer line to not function properly, the plumbers and excavating contractors at Epic Plumbing are here to help. We use sewer drain snakes to break up clogs in your main line or smaller drain lines—if the clog is caused by a more serious problem, we offer sewer line repair and replacement services to prevent the same issues from returning in the future. Whether your sewer line needs repair or replacement, the fix will always involve excavating the ground to reach the pipe. An expert excavation contractor will do this by using heavy equipment to dig around landscaping, utilities, and pipelines.

    The Dangers of Excavation Projects

    There’s a reason why our excavation contractors are heavily trained and certified. Big or small, all excavation projects pose dangers, including cave-ins, exposure to underground electrical lines, hazardous gas, misuse of equipment, and damaging utility and pipelines. The experts at Epic Plumbing are extensively trained on construction regulations and will ensure that the proper safety precautions are taken with every excavation service.

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