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    Garbage Disposal Problems and Solutions

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    Do garbage disposal problems have your kitchen sink in a rotten, stinky fix? Problem pipes or broken garbage disposals can be overwhelming for those who aren’t plumbers. Luckily, you don’t have to handle your pipe problems on your own. You can partner with a pipe master!

    At Epic Plumbing, LLC, we know what ails the garbage disposal. We are fully prepared to fix your garbage disposal, repair disposal plumbing, or unclog a problem sink. We can fix even the most troublesome disposal, and you won’t have to get your hands dirty.

    What’s Wrong With My Garbage Disposal?

    Garbage disposals are compact appliances that reside under the kitchen sink. Their main job is to break down food waste, such as potato peels, eggshells, or other food scraps, so that the food can travel through your plumbing system without getting stuck and causing a clog.

    A number of different issues can cause a disposal to stop disposing. For instance, coffee grounds, utensils, and glass can damage the grinding chamber. It can be frustrating when kitchen appliances stop working suddenly. No one wants to deal with a hassle like a broken disposal, but it’s a necessary fix.

    A garbage disposal is not something you can easily live without. Your disposal needs to shred food properly in order to prevent a clog. But food waste can’t get through your pipes if this tiny but mighty appliance is broken. Sometimes, a garbage disposal can be repaired, but other times it will need to be replaced with a new disposal.

    Here are some common reasons why garbage disposals stop working properly:

    Garbage Disposal Jam

    Sometimes, a garbage disposal gets jammed. For instance, it’s possible that little Sally accidentally put a peach pit in the sink and stopped up the disposal.

    Broken Motor

    Garbage disposals have small electric motors that can break just like any other machine. Your garbage disposal problem solver can help you with a broken motor.

    Cracked Garbage Disposal

    Occasionally, garbage disposals will crack or break, and this can cause a leak. Frozen water or age can cause a disposal to get a crack or break entirely.

    How a Garbage Disposal Repair Professional Can Help

    When your garbage disposal is not working, this can cause stress and frustration for you. The smart thing to do when faced with a plumbing issue is call a plumbing professional in your area for help.
    Your plumbing professional can diagnose your garbage disposal problem and let you know how we can resolve the issue. Here are some of the ways we help with under-the-sink appliance problems.

    • Garbage disposal installation
    • Repair of garbage disposal
    • Replacement of disposal or parts
    • Unclog or unjam a disposal

    Reach Out to a Plumbing Professional Near You

    When your garbage disposal puts a clog in your day, get it taken care of with help from EPIC Plumbing, LLC. We have a garbage disposal professional who can help fix your disposal so you can get on with your day.
    No one wants a stinky sink. Let’s get it taken care of before the situation gets worse. Call 816-987-7129 to reach us today.

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