Shower Installation & Repair

    Shower Installation & Repair in the Kansas City, Missouri Area

    Shower repair or replacement isn’t something most homeowners think about on a regular basis. You expect your shower to work without breaking down, and you could be startled by a sudden shower faucet leak or water pressure problem. It may be time to upgrade an outdated shower, unclog a shower drain, or remove and install an entirely new shower. If you are ready for shower faucet replacement or installation, reach out to EPIC Plumbing, LLC today.

    Reasons for Updating the Shower in Your Bathroom

    Some people need a shower drain installed or shower faucet repaired if they break for some reason, become clogged, or water pressure is no longer what it used to be. Maybe your faucet is old or you just no longer like the look of your showerhead. A lot of homeowners replace outdated shower fixtures because they want to add value to their property or want to enjoy a luxury showerhead or bathtub spout.

    A bathroom renovation project can be a new chance to match your bathroom to your taste or add safety features such as grab bars to your shower.

    Shower fixtures have come a long way, and you deserve to have a bathroom that feels like a relaxing spa rather than an eyesore. No matter what reason you decide to get shower drain replacement services or repair or replacement of other fixtures, EPIC Plumbing, LLC can help. You can pick out faucets and drains that you like, and we will get them professionally installed for you.

    New Shower Installation Services

    EPIC Plumbing, LLC is also pleased to install new showerheads, faucets, drains, and other plumbing fixtures for your bathroom. We can also install sink faucets and drains. Plumbing is not always easy to install or repair, but you don’t have to worry about that because you can call our master plumbers for help.

    Shower Repair Services

    A leaky shower faucet or backed-up shower drain can be a major problem. You use your shower every day, and even seemingly minor annoyances can build into big issues over time. Not to mention, a leaky shower faucet can cause you to literally throw money down the drain.

    Epic Plumbing LLC’s expert team of certified plumbers can work to repair your shower in a fair and timely manner. Whether it’s an issue with a shower faucet, shower drain, shower door, tub, or shower walls, we can help solve your problem.

    Why You Should Hire Professional Plumbers For Your Shower Installation or Repair

    Working on a bathroom remodel can be exciting, but sub-par renovations can leave you worse off than you started. Mold and mildew accumulation from improper grout lines or poorly laid tile can be a real problem if your new shower isn’t installed properly.

    Trying to DIY a shower faucet or replace a drain is a headache you don’t need. Not to mention, you could damage your shower, bathtub, or sink if you try to handle plumbing issues on your own.

    Get a Free Consultation on Shower Installs & Repairs

    Avoid the hassle of DIY projects by calling in the professional plumbers in Pleasant Hill, Missouri that you can count on. EPIC Plumbing, LLC is here with a wrench in hand to help with your shower situation.

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