Sump Pumps

    Sump Pump Installation in Kansas City

    sump pump extracting water from basement

    A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

    A basement sump pump or crawl space sump pump is an important feature of your home that works to pump water out and away from your home’s foundation. Because water can do significant damage to your home and personal property, you don’t want it lingering in your basement for long.

    You will most likely need a sump pump in your Kansas City home to protect your house from damage. If you don’t already have a sump pump or you require sump pump replacement, connect with EPIC Plumbing today. We can handle new sump pump installation or replace an older pump that is no longer operating as it should. Many times, sump pump repairs may also be needed to increase the life of an existing system. Learn more about sump pumps below.

    Why You Need a Sump Pump in a Kansas City Home

    The sump pump system is designed with a pump that sits in a sump pit on the floor of your basement or crawl space. When water accumulates in the pit, the pump will activate and pump the water out of your home to a proper drainage system. Sump pumps are extremely functional for Kansas City residents due to the excessive amount of rain in this area. What do you think happens to your home if you don’t have a sump pump installed?

    • Excess moisture could seep into your walls, carpet, and belongings, developing mold and mildew.
    • Too much moisture in the air can cause poor air quality, breathing problems, and airborne diseases.
    • Moisture in walls and concrete can cause foundations and walls to crack and disintegrate, resulting in structural problems that could make your home unsafe.
    • Personal belongings do not fare well when they come in contact with water or a moist environment.

    All of these issues can be prevented through the installation of a high-quality sump pump system.

    Types of Sump Pumps Installed by EPIC Plumbing

    There are two main types of sump pumps.

    • Submersible sump pumps sit in a sump basin beneath the waterline and pump water out through a discharge line.
    • Pedestal sump pumps sit above the waterline and perform the same function.

    Submersible pumps are quieter than pedestal pumps but can cost more to repair. You can talk to a plumber at EPIC Plumbing about the features of the two types of sump pumps to determine which option is the best solution for you.

    Pump Out Destructive Water With Help From EPIC Plumbing

    You can avoid water damage and enjoy a dry basement by installing a basement waterproofing system. Sump pumps are simple and effective machines that can protect your Missouri home for many years. Whether you need to replace an old pump with a new pump or you need sump pump repairs, EPIC Plumbing is here to help.

    Homeowners can trust our experts to prevent basement flooding for years to come. Call today for an estimate on installation or repairs, and keep your family and home safe from Kansas City storms.

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