Toilet Installation & Repair

    Toilet Installation & Repair in Raymore and Lee’s Summit

    Whether you’ve decided it’s time to update the porcelain throne or your child’s toys have left you with a clogged toilet—whatever the reason you find yourself looking for “toilet installation near me”—look no further than Cass County’s trusted plumbers at EPIC Plumbing, LLC. We provide toilet installation, repair, and replacement services to homeowners in Raymore, Lee’s Summit, and the surrounding areas!

    Toilet Installation Services

    A toilet installation gone wrong can stink—literally and figuratively! Rather than going through with a risky DIY that can leave you with thousands of dollars of water damage, when it’s time to replace your old commode, call EPIC Plumbing. We’ve installed a wide variety of residential and commercial toilets, from wall-hanging to dual-flush, throughout Cass County.

    When to Get a New Toilet

    A toilet is something you can expect to last more than a decade—in fact, a wax seal for toilets can work for 30 years, but you’ll definitely need to replace parts of the toilet within that time frame. When it comes to toilet replacement, here are some things to look for to determine if you need an entirely new toilet or just toilet repair.

    • If your toilet wobbles or seems unsteady, you should contact us immediately to assess the situation. It could be that bolts need to be tightened, or it could be that the floor underneath the toilet has weakened due to water damage.
    • If there are cracks in your tank you will want to replace the toilet.
    • If you have been using the same toilet for decades, even if it still seems to be working properly, replacing it with a new toilet will save you a lot of water as the newer models are incredibly efficient compared to old toilets.
    • If you find yourself getting clogs more often than usual and are having to have toilet repair performed often, it would probably be more cost-effective to get a new toilet installed.
    • Many people consider elongated toilet bowls to be a cleaner and more comfortable option, so you may consider replacing your toilet if yours has a round bowl.

    If you’re unsure whether toilet replacement or repair is in your best interest, our team is always happy to provide expert advice and walk you through your options.

    Toilet Repair Services

    In addition to toilet installation and replacement, Epic Plumbing also provides toilet repair services throughout Raymore, Lee’s Summit, and the surrounding area. Whether your toilet is leaking or stubbornly clogged, we’re here to help.

    Clogged Toilet Repair

    If you’re facing a stubborn toilet clog, you’re not alone! Clogged toilet repair is one of the most frequent bathroom plumbing requests we receive. Most toilet clogs can be easily fixed with a standard toilet plunger, though if your toilet is clogged due to non-flushable items—such as paper towels or feminine hygiene products—you may require the assistance of a professional plumber.

    Running Toilet Repair

    If water continues to run long after you’ve flushed your toilet, there might be an issue with the overflow pipe, flush valve, or flapper valve. Issues with these components can cause an internal leak, resulting in a waste of up to 200 gallons of water per day.

    Leaking Toilet Repair

    Toilets can leak both internally and externally, often resulting in wasted water or flooding around the base of the toilet. Toilet leaks may be caused by clogs, damaged valves, broken seals, and other components—regardless of what’s causing your leaking toilet, we’re here to help!

    Let Our Professionals Fix Your Plumbing Crisis

    When you need plumbing services around the clock, EPIC Plumbing, LLC is the plumbing company for you. We have adept plumbers who are equipped to troubleshoot through any and all of your plumbing issues. We provide services in Raymore and Pleasant Hill, Missouri. For more information about our services, contact us at 816-987-7129.

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